Although we specialize is custom products, we also offer a variety of stock items.  Explore the categories below for more information.

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Benefits of Spongex Molded Products

All of our Spongex molded products have no glue lines, no rough edges or seams. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process delivers a clean, attractive, finished look every time!  All of our goods are:

Latex-free:  Aqua-Cell foam will not cause allergic reactions to those who are affected by materials containing latex.

Not vinyl coated or Painted:  Aqua-Cell color penetrates throughout the product and will not chip, flake or peel like ordinary foam products.

U.V. / Weather Resistant:  Aqua-Cell products are virtually unaffected by weather, chlorinated water and ultra-violet rays.

Sanitary:  Our closed-cell foam will not allow the build-up of mold, mildew or germ carrying bacteria commonly associated with other foam materials.